Gifts, Not Trophies

Do you know the difference between a gift and a trophy? A gift is something a person gives to another person out of love. It is not earned, but received with humility and gratefulness. A trophy, however, is earned by merit. It gives the receiver “bragging rights” and is put up on the mantel over the fireplace for all to see and marvel.

Mama, is your child God’s gift to you? Or is he God’s trophy? Did you earn this child and all his talents and accomplishments through hard work and effort in your homeschool? Or did God give you a special gift to cherish and nurture, rather than put on the mantel as evidence of your good teaching skills and academic efforts?

Please remember: Your children are not your trophy. They are not the “product” that you show to the world to prove homeschooling works. They are not the “evidence” that you are a good teacher. They should not need to “perform” in the realm of education in order to earn anything from you or the world.

Your children are just little people, doing their best (in all likelihood) and trying to please you. They are gifts from God. They are uniquely talented for a specific purpose, designed by God for His glory. Help them find their mission and stop worrying about how they make you look to the world or feel as a person. Isn’t this a rather selfish motivation for homeschooling?

Your job, homeschooling mom, is to help them find that purpose that God put into them. It’s not about you. It’s not even about them. It’s about HIM. Oh, that we would remember this every day! How can you glorify God with your discipleship efforts today? Celebrate your child today and thank the Lord for all his or her talents, as well as weaknesses. For, after all, HIS strength is made perfect in weakness!

Cherish your gifts.


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