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Started as a “live” event in 2016 (morphed from our local “Activities Fair” which started in 2010), the lifeschoolingTM Conference moved to an online platform in 2019 to reach more homeschoolers with the message of lifeschoolingTM. God clearly orchestrated this conference and we are excited to help “set homeschoolers free” by learning to “merge life with homeschooling!”

At this point, you probably already know what lifeschoolingTM is and what we are attempting to accomplish through our conference and resources. If not, read our mission statement here and read more about the lifeschoolingTM philosophy here: “What is lifeschoolingTM?” and “Why lifeschoolingTM is not Unschooling.”

We want homeschoolers to know that they are not failing just because all the boxes are not checked. We want to encourage them to seek God first and focus on each child’s unique gifts and calling. We want moms to embrace the challenges and bumps along the way, seeing them all as part of God’s bigger educational plan. If you have the same heart, we are excited to work with you!


“So, what’s in it for me?”

Good question. If you would like to help promote the conference, courses, and other Lifeschooling products by becoming an affiliate, we are able to offer you:

  • 50% commission!
  • Commission on your own purchases!
  • Opportunity to contribute a resource that can be used as a lead magnet to the conference Swag Bag (you may also do this without becoming an affiliate if you wish)
  • Everything you need for promoting, including: email and social media scripts / swipe copy, graphics and images, banner ads, and more!
More conference info:
The conference will be free to watch for a limited time, but we will have a compelling upsell offer that will be displayed during the check-out process to encourage sales of the All Access and Premium Access tickets, which will give the customer unlimited access, plus the swag bag and extra bonuses. (More details on our home page). Before tickets officially go on sale, you can direct your followers to click on the “Get Notified” button so they can sign up to be notified (cookies are set to 90 days, based on last click).
In addition, we recommend offering a special high-value bonus only to your e-mail subscribers who purchase through your link (you will need to ask for receipts as proof of purchase). This tactic works well for generating sales!
Hope you’ll join us in encouraging parents to “merge life with homeschooling!”



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