Month: April 2016

Article: How Would Jesus Teach

So often we forget to look to the greatest example for direction on all areas of life. Jesus was the Great Teacher. So, just how did He teach? His methods were a lot simpler than ours! How Would Jesus Teach

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Article: A Stanford dean on adult skills every 18-year-old should have

How well do you think the average public school is doing to prepare our young adults in the areas this article mentions? How well are homeschoolers doing? There used to be a significant difference and I believe there still is a difference. However, that difference is fading. We need to remember what is really important…

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Article: Homeschool Co-ops Turned Private Schools

I have been disturbed by the number of co-ops popping up and the increasing ridgidity (is that a word?) of them. Didn’t we leave “Egypt” behind? Isn’t the age-segregated, academically-driven (rather than spiritually-driven) culture of school, which disrupts family life and demands so much, the very thing that birthed the homeschooling movement? The increasing popularity…

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Article: Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues

This is another great article that really touches on some reasons why lifeschooling is so important. Children truly do need time to just be children! Time and again we are told that children learn best by playing, yet we continue to focus on academics and put them in school at younger and younger ages. Simplifying…

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