Article: How Would Jesus Teach

So often we forget to look to the greatest example for direction on all areas of life. Jesus was the Great Teacher. So, just how did He teach? His methods were a lot simpler than ours!

How Would Jesus Teach

  • Jesus stayed calm in the midst of antagonistic questioning. He often would answer questions that were aimed to trip Him up with questions of His own. He quoted Scripture, or asked what the Scriptures said. He would clarify Old Testament Scriptyre or expound on it. He often told stories. He gave clear instructions. He was patient and kind. His methods of teaching varied according to whom He was speaking (i.e. religious leaders, disciples, the mass public, etc.
    These are just a few examples. It is a great study and very worthwhile!

  • Jesus had cliques. Those who were most interested were his inner circle. Then out from there. It’s okay to evaluate who is around is and for what reason. Don’t waste your time on people who can’t be bothered. Or those who think they’ve got all the answers nailed down. Jesus wanted followers, and those who were teachable. They didn’t get it right all the time, in fact screwed up and RAN, but in the end those were the world changers.

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