Article: Homeschool Co-ops Turned Private Schools

I have been disturbed by the number of co-ops popping up and the increasing ridgidity (is that a word?) of them. Didn’t we leave “Egypt” behind? Isn’t the age-segregated, academically-driven (rather than spiritually-driven) culture of school, which disrupts family life and demands so much, the very thing that birthed the homeschooling movement? The increasing popularity of such co-ops reminds me of the children of Israel crying to Moses about their desire for the leeks and garlic of Egypt.

This is one aspect of the current homeschooling culture that has lit the fires of reformation in my heart! We need to see a revival among homeschooling families…a recommitment to protecting family life and embracing freedom to educate outside of the expectations of others. Homeschooling should be a natural extension of family life and family life should be a natural part of homeschooling.

The above reasons are why the following article resonated with me:

Homeschool Co-ops Turned Private Schools

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