A Life-Changing College Alternative Experience

A Life-Changing College Alternative Experience

Recently, I asked my son, Konur, to write on his experience “opting out of college” and going through a college alternative program called “Praxis.” Praxis saved us from paying thousands of dollars for college tuition and really helped him bridge the gap between high school graduation and landing his first job. It gave him the confidence and missing pieces of the puzzle that he needed! This is his story, in his own words…


What do you want to be when you grow up?


I would get asked this question as a kid, and I had no idea.


Spending tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars and four years of my life going to college in the hope that the major I picked was what I actually wanted to do for the rest of my life – the thought of this felt paralyzing.


Like anyone else, I knew I wanted a good life… but that didn’t look like it.


Enter the College Alternative Program that Changed my Trajectory


To those of you who are lazy, quit reading now. Go back to your status-quo. To the rest of you who are determined, and relate to my past feelings of being stuck: what if there’s a better way?


We’ve been sold a false bill of goods.


College isn’t clear-cut like everyone makes it out to be. It doesn’t help you get a job, prepare you for an interview, or even give you much of any practical use.


Sure, you get a diploma. But that’s a certificate of head-knowledge, not evidence of any real-world, practical experience.


Isn’t it demoralizing to see job applications with “at least 1 year experience” prerequisites? Don’t you wish there was a way to show the hiring manager that you’re the best person for the job?


Praxis does that.


So, what is the College Alternative Called Praxis?


Praxis is a college alternative that doesn’t care about grades or tests. You work on real-world projects, hear directly from business professionals, and network with other ambitious young professionals. Then you’re coached through the interview process, and lined up with actual job opportunities.


teens giving thumbs up


Most importantly, you learn how to create value.


One of the projects I created during my time in Praxis caught the eye of my (now current) employer. I found out there was an idea he’d had for years, but nobody he talked to wanted to do it.


I centered most of my Praxis work around this project, pitched the rough concept to him, and he offered me a job. I never would have felt qualified or had the confidence to do that if I hadn’t learned how to create tangible value.


Konur sitting at his desk in a blue shirt at his first job

At my first job that I landed while doing Praxis.


With Praxis, you get to experiment, see what you like, and develop yourself personally and professionally before being thrown into the wild.


You get to tailor your career journey to you – not to your school, your debt, or the time you spend chasing a degree.


Doesn’t this just make sense?


Where I am Now


I’m now on the career path I could only have dreamed of, and the journey has only just begun.


Through the Praxis network, I’ve made connections that will continue to benefit going forward, and learned how to network with other professionals.


Check out Praxis for yourself.


College isn’t the only way. See what you’re missing.



Exciting news! I (Danielle) just teamed up with the CEO of Praxis, Mitchell Earl, to create a course called “5 Tips for Opting Out of College Successfully” that will walk your teen step-by-step through the process of landing their dream job, even if they don’t fully know what that is yet! Purchase July 16-21, 2024 for the best price possible – only $29 (regularly $97)! Click below to be the first to know when the cart is open.

laptop and workbook for the 5 Steps to Opting Out of College Successfully course


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