The Foundational Question at the Heart of All Questions


The next time you find yourself searching for answers to a homeschool dilemma you are having, ask yourself this question…


Self-evaluation is a good thing. It helps us become more aware of how others see us and to grow as people. The other day I was doing a little self-evaluation, which led me to some thoughts that may be helpful to share here.


I was considering the fact that when mothers who post questions publicly asking for suggestions in relation to curricula and problems they are having, my first reaction is to suggest that they lay off the curricula a bit. I’m really not an unschooler and I really am not anti-curriculum. So, I asked myself why this is my first reaction? Why do I instantly feel the need to swing in a polar opposite direction from what the mom is asking for?


And the answer that easily came is this: Because of the number one reason that I believe moms are asking this. Fear. You can often hear it in the way they ask. Or you can pick up on it as the conversation continues.


Perhaps it is unfair for me to automatically assume a mom is coming from a position of fear. I mean, I really don’t want to be the type of person who automatically assumes the worst. But then again, is it any wonder that we fear? Over and over again in the Bible, God tells us to “fear not.” It is the first thing angels said when they appeared to people: “Fear not.” We have to face it, we are quite prone to fear…all of us! And God knows this. So the sooner we admit it to ourselves, the sooner we can come to our homeschooling from a place of freedom and peace, not fear and unrest.


So, I would encourage you friends…The next time you find yourself searching for answers to a homeschool dilemma you are having, ask yourself this question: Is this thought a genuine concern, laid on my heart by the Lord? Or is it just another one of the enemy’s constant fear attacks that causes me to doubt and lose faith? THAT is the first question you need to answer. Because that is the question on which all other questions, no matter how legitimate they may seem, truly hinges.


I pray this helps you today! (And I thank you for the grace you give when I may misread your heart and fail to meet your true need).


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