Teaching Thanksgiving All Year Long

It’s hard to pick a favorite time of the year.

It seems there’s something beautifully wonderful about every season. But if I had to pick, I would say this time of year when we head towards Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time that fills me with the most joy.

And it’s not just the crisp weather, warm snappy fires, and hearty comfort foods, but also the holidays themselves, which set our minds on serving others and being grateful for all the blessings God has given us, culminating in Christmas when we thank Him for the greatest sacrifice of all, His very own Son.

I recently wrote a blog post for the 30 Days of Thanks blog series on How To Homeschool My Child. I loved the idea of 30 days–a whole month–of being thankful, but it got me thinking… Why should we not strive to make it 365 days of thanks in our homes?

Thanksgiving is a good reminder to be thankful, but how do we continue the thankfulness throughout the year, when the twinkling lights are put back in the attic to collect the new year’s dust and the comfort foods we indulged in have become an unwelcome part of our figures?

So I decided to explore this in my post, Teaching Thanksgiving All Year Long. In it, I cover five areas that I believe can help us focus on being thankful all through the year. But I’ve also included a great printable called Thanksgiving Through the Alphabet that I’m giving away free for a limited time!

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