Lifeschooling Your Way Into a Healthy Life

Lifeschooling Your Way Into a Healthy Life

Living a healthy life isn’t really that complicated. It’s just hard! 

That’s crazy, you say and it doesn’t make any sense.  But it’s true. 

I mean really, all you have to do is eat right, exercise and keep stress in check right? 

Yep, that’s right but unfortunately, it’s in the everyday details that we get lost. I’m here to assure you that you can live a healthy life. It might just take little baby steps to get it done!

I read a quote which said:

If something’s worth being done, it’s worth being done poorly.

And honestly, that sounds wrong, doesn’t it? 

I mean if you can’t do something to the best of your ability, we think why do it at all right?

Wrong!  The truth is even if you start at something, and you do it pretty badly you’re still closer to your goal than if you had done nothing at all. 

If you can commit to continuing to learn (lifeschooling), and grow you will make healthier choices and live a healthy life.

Let’s apply this idea to healthy living…

Say you want to eventually run a marathon but right now you breathe hard walking to your mailbox, which is 40 yards away. 

You could tell yourself that unless you walk 5 miles a day that it’s just not worth exercising or you could start walking to the mailbox as many times a day as possible. Walk a little faster each time.  Walk a few more times each day.  Then try to walk a mile in under 30 minutes. Then make it your goal to walk it in under 15 minutes.  Start small and don’t be discouraged.

You’re only regressing if you’re not going forward! 

Now apply it to healthy eating…

People look at the broad picture of healthy eating and often get completely overwhelmed. 

It just looks insurmountable to change their complete diet.  But what if instead you looked at where you want to be eventually, and told yourself you will incorporate 3-5 new healthy habits per month until you reach your ultimate goal? Wouldn’t that be more encouraging?

We have this all or nothing approach way too much.  Of course, sometimes it’s appropriate (marital fidelity is one thing that pops into my head) but often we can start improving right where we’re at.

If want to start the new year with health in mind, I recommend starting with some easy goals. 

Make it a priority to exercise for 15 minutes 5 days a week.  Then add in 1 new healthy habit a week. 

7 Healthy Habits You Can Start This Year

  1. Replace white, bleached versions with whole grains.
  2. Replace white sugar with honey, maple syrup or stevia.
  3. Switch snack cakes for fresh fruit or homemade baked goods.
  4. Replace soda with water or Kombucha.
  5. Replace fried foods with oven-baked, stir-fried in extra virgin olive oil or air fried.
  6. Switch hydrogenated fats for extra virgin olive oil or butter.
  7. Get rid of preservatives and artificial flavorings and colors.

Commit to learning. 

This is HUGE! If you can commit to continuing to learn (lifeschooling), and grow you will make healthier choices and live a healthy life.

Don’t be discouraged at your little steps towards a healthier you.  It’s worth the sacrifice and hard work!  You CAN do this!


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