Considering Lifeschooling High School?

Considering Lifeschooling High School?

Are you considering homeschooling high school next year? What a marvelous opportunity you have!

Of course, you might not feel like this is an opportunity. If you have unexpectedly been at home with your teenagers during this pandemic season, you may certainly be frustrated at how things have gone or are going, and somewhat fearful about what the next school year (at the very least) will bring.

In today’s post, I want to encourage you in two ways.

First of all, let me clarify that what you have been doing at home has NOT been homeschooling!

(Wait, now hear me out – this is a good thing!) At best, your teens have been completing online assignments and lessons, with little or no interaction with their teacher or peers, let alone conversation with parents (am I right?!). Let me ask you: how was that going for them? In actuality, this would better be described as “distance learning” – and not exactly a fine example at that. It is characterized by a nebulous (to parents, at least) set of goals and milestones that even most teachers will admit may or may not have been met by their students, and a package of lessons/activities that have little or no significance to the student.

Considering Lifeschooling High School?

This is vastly different from homeschooling, and this is the other area in which I want to inspire you.

Take a few minutes and watch this video which will clarify three important considerations that make all the difference in how things unfold in your family, your homeschool, and your teen’s future!

Do you see the difference between how – or even IF – these three concepts are handled in a more traditional education setting?

Mindset Matters – “Positive thinking” is just the start!

Character Counts – Schools can’t be expected to instill what we – as parents – want for our kids in this crucial area, nor should they.

Freedom is Fundamental – Your teen’s future can be “so bright they need shades!” 🙂

Incorporating these mindsets can help your teen make the most of their life.

The beauty of adopting this lifestyle of learning will:

  • enable your teen to learn no matter what the environment,
  • keep them from floundering when a new opportunity comes along,
  • allow them to move forward gaining and fine-tuning skills and abilities despite the challenges and hurdles that are inevitable down the road.

One final word of encouragement. If this idea is on your heart and mind, believe me when I say that you’ve got what it takes. Homeschooling, and specifically homeschooling high school, has its own challenges, yes. But working through them with your teen will bring a lifetime of blessings and benefits for everyone involved!

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