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Lessons from Count Zinzendorf - Christian Heroes Then and Now
Lessons from Count Zinzendorf – Christian Heroes Then and Now

Homeschool conference vendor halls… They are ubiquitous with moms rolling book-laden plastic crates on wheels behind them and children mobbing the booths with hands-on activities. Oh, and let’s not forget those beautiful brown skyscraper stacks of Christian Heroes Then and Now books! What homeschooling mom hasn’t dreamed of walking out the door balancing that giant…

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What's on your book list?
What’s on your book list?

I like books, and I love book lists. In our homeschool, I try to encourage a love of reading in my children. At least one of my kiddos has latched on to reading whole-heartedly; he’d rather read than just about anything else in the world. He’s my obstinate student who is several years behind in…

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Lifeschooling reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic
Lifeschooling reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic

One of the most frequently asked questions about lifeschooling is: what about the three R’s? How do kids in a relaxed, lifeschooling home learn to read? What about the college essay? Do they learn their math facts? What about high school math? A couple of stories of learning to read in my lifeschooling home. The…

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Why My Son Doesn’t Believe in Evolution - Creation and our kids.
Why My Son Doesn’t Believe in Evolution – Creation and our kids.

First to clarify, I want to make sure that everyone reading this understands that there is a distinct difference between “macro” evolution and “micro” evolution. Creation and our Kids – Macroevolution versus Microevolution Macroevolution states, “All things are evolving in a positive beneficial direction.” For example, macroevolution is generally defined as the process of one…

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Teen Gift Self-knowledge
Give Your Teen the Gift of Self-Knowledge

All teens are gifted. However, the gifts need to be discovered. Give your teen the gift of self-knowledge.   Sometimes I irritate people when I say that all teens are gifted. They would prefer an idea of giftedness that makes some people privileged and the other people not:   • My teen is intellectually gifted….

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A Lifeschooling Testimony from the Robinsons

  Last year, John and Jennifer Robinson attended the Lifeschooling Conference as brand new homeschoolers, about to embark on this wonderful adventure! I remember their excitement well, so I was so encouraged and happy when they came to me recently and said, “We just have to share our story of what God has done in…

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The Foundational Question at the Heart of All Questions

  The next time you find yourself searching for answers to a homeschool dilemma you are having, ask yourself this question…   Self-evaluation is a good thing. It helps us become more aware of how others see us and to grow as people. The other day I was doing a little self-evaluation, which led me…

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Article: Are School Subjects Really Necessary?

There are some wonderful and thought-provoking ideas here! And I will be the first to say that no, school subjects are NOT necessary. In lifeschooling, we find those areas of interest that fit with out lives and our children’s specific gifts. And those things are usually not strictly divided out into neat little subjects. Article:…

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