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DaLynn McCoy is a homeschooling veteran and a Christian since childhood. A teacher by spiritual gifting, her passion is mentoring other moms in faith and parenting, including homeschooling. DaLynn's life includes the health struggles of fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and Crohn's disease. She's a licensed massage therapist and blogs about all the different aspects of her life on multiple blogs found at ( Look for her homeschooling blog at (
What's on your book list?
What’s on your book list?

I like books, and I love book lists. In our homeschool, I try to encourage a love of reading in my children. At least one of my kiddos has latched on to reading whole-heartedly; he’d rather read than just about anything else in the world. He’s my obstinate student who is several years behind in…

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The Middle School Monster
The Middle School Monster

There’s this thing that homeschool moms never talk about. It’s called the middle school monster, and if you aren’t prepared for it – like I wasn’t – you may beat yourself up thinking it’s your fault. I LOVE my children! Truly I do! And I’m not on board the bus full of moms who are…

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