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How to Kill Your Child’s Love of Learning in 10 Easy Steps

Sometimes the very best way to highlight the absurdity of the “normal” is to show it for what it truly is. I hope this pointed piece of satire will help you look at fostering the love of learning in a new way!   How to Kill Your Child’s Love of Learning in 10 Easy Steps…

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Courageous Legacy: A Movie Review

Last week, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on the recent Kendrick brothers documentary, Show Me the Father. In keeping with the fatherhood theme, the Kendricks will also be re-releasing their popular movie, Courageous, on September 24th with some additional new scenes! This remastered and updated version is being called 10th Anniversary Courageous…

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teaching the bible
Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible – A “Teacher’s Manual” for Teaching the Bible!

I’ll never forget years ago when my oldest son was about five and there was a special speaker at the church we were attending who put a strong emphasis on teaching the Bible to our kids and helping them learn to love God’s Word as the priority in our homes. He shared how his son…

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Why Studying the Bible in Context Matters for Your Kids

One of the biggest keys to successful lifeschooling is to teach our children to love God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength…and of course one of the best ways to do that is to help them learn to love the Bible, God’s love letter to them! That’s why I was excited when I…

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typical day
A “Typical” Day in our Lifeschooling Home: Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

What does Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils have to do at all with lifeschooling? We’ll get to that in a minute! But first… I have always hesitated writing or talking specifically on our actual implementation of lifeschooling for a few reasons: Each home is different and each family should pray and ask God for a…

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Homeschool Life Mag
A Review of Homeschool Life Magazine

I have many fond memories reading various homeschool magazines during my early days homeschooling. It was always great to relate to other homeschoolers’ experiences, and there were many wonderful tips from the older, wiser moms for me to implement in my own homeschool. Somewhere along the way, however, I gave up reading magazines altogether as…

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godly character books
6 Book Series for Building Godly Character

Having reared two children to adulthood and almost-adulthood (19 and 17), I feel I have grown into authority on the topic and can now look back and see what helped to contribute to their strong love for the Lord and desire to serve Him. It helps on the weary days as I strive to bring…

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movie review: dolphin island
Movie Review: Dolphin Island – Great Moral Lessons and a Lot of Fun!

Background: If you follow this blog, you know that movies are a big part of lifeschooling! Since our children were young, we have had family movie night every Saturday night almost religiously, and my older two children have even acted in Christian films (Like Arrows, The Stolen Life) and feel led to continue working in…

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2020: A Handful of Trials and a Million Lessons

2020 was a hard year for everyone. I think we can all agree on that point! But for some, it was especially hard. People lost jobs; had their businesses destroyed by over-zealous, draconian lawmakers under the guise of “health and safety;” and lost loved ones as a result of COVID, whether directly from the disease…

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Christmas brunch ideas
7 Christmas Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

  I don’t know about you, but I could indulge in breakfast and brunch all day long, every day. But one of the best times for brunch is Christmas morning, or any time during the holidays, for that matter. And remember, if you’re feeding a crowd especially, it’s great to plan ahead to make your…

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