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4 Reasons to Let Your Child Pursue His Gifts NOW

4 Reasons to Let Your Child Pursue His Gifts NOW One of the most common questions I get about lifeschooling is, “When should I encourage my child to start using his gifts?” and it’s often accompanied by, “What if he doesn’t have any gifts?” The simple answer to “when” is, NOW. But I’m assuming you’re…

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Heart Crafts and Treats for Valentine’s Day

Heart Crafts and Treats for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with heart crafts and treats? Whether you’re looking to surprise your loved one with a sweet treat or get crafty in your homeschool with some DIY decorations, we’ve got you covered. In this post,…

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How to Plan Your Best Homeschool Planning Trip

How to Plan Your Best Homeschool Planning Trip A homeschool planning trip might not even be on your radar, but I have been doing a planning trip every January for the past few years and I have found it to be a highlight of my year. So I want to share with you why it’s…

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Building Confidence in Teens

Building Confidence in Teens “Confidence in teens” is a strange set of words…kind of like a magnet. Sometimes they click together quite strongly and other times, they seem to repel each other! If you have a teen, you know that confidence in teens is tricky. They can be full of confidence flying down the interstate…

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The Power of Unschooling (and Lifeschooling): Nurturing Self-Directed Learners

Did you know that the traditional education system, despite its supposed advancements, may only cater to some learners’ diverse needs? Shocker, I know. 😉 But that is probably why many discerning parents are resorting to alternative methods of educating their children. According to Health Research Funding, 2.9% of the students in the United States do…

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16 Family Devotional Ideas to Engage All Ages

16 Family Devotional Ideas to Engage All Ages Family devotional time was (and still is) a cornerstone piece in our homeschooling and discipleship of our children over the past 22 years. These days, with two grown children and a large age gap, it’s getting trickier to balance schedules and individual needs. But we still make…

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Spelling Made Fun and Easy: Homeschooling Tips and Tricks for the Lifeschooler

Spelling Made Fun and Easy: Homeschooling Tips and Tricks for the Lifeschooler In my 22 years homeschooling (or lifeschooling, as we like to call it), we have never had “homeschooling spelling” as a formal subject. I’m such a rebel! But it’s not because I don’t think spelling is an important skill. It is. And it’s…

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Eight Great Spice Mixes to Make with Your Kids

In this post, I’d like to share eight great spice mixes to make with your kids. Even starting at a young age, your kids can begin to the learn the power of creating spices and using them to cook. And since July is National Culinary Arts month, it’s a great time to explore this topic! Where…

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Let’s Make a Newspaper Printable!

I’m so excited to share lifeschooling tips for using the newspaper printable! “Extra, extra! Read all about it!” There’s something fun and nostalgic about watching an old black and white movie with scenes of a newsboy shouting out this line. It brings to mind one of my favorite movies, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, where the…

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What Am I Really Accomplishing?

The following article, “What Am I Really Accomplishing?”, was written by Tina Farewell for the May, 2012 MHEA Newseltter and is reprinted with permission. What Am I Really Accomplishing? There is just one way to avoid being overwhelmed—to bring everything as it arises to our Master; and He does help, and He does not misunderstand….

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