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Lifeschooling parents
Unlocking Lifeschooling: A Holistic Approach to Education

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to educate our children? Suppose you have yet to hear of Lifeschooling. In that case, an alternative and holistic approach to education is gaining popularity for those looking for a more personalized and engaging learning experience for their children. What makes it different from regular…

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woman reading a biblical parenting book
Biblical Parenting Books: A Path to a Fulfilling Life

Are you a parent looking for ways to integrate faith into parenting practices to nurture spiritual and moral development in children?  Biblical parenting books guide parents seeking to integrate their faith into their parenting approach…something we should all be doing as Christian parents! While the Bible should be our primary source for instruction in parenting,…

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The Very Best Homeschooling Kindergarten Curriculum

The Very Best Homeschooling Kindergarten Curriculum So you’re wanting to homeschool kindergarten, but you’re looking for the best homeschooling kindergarten curriculum? You think if you can only find that magic curriculum package with all the books, activities, and worksheets, you will be launched into a year of blissful homeschooling, right? Well, sit tight and don’t…

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Homeschooling, Lifeschooling, and Raising Big Dreamers

What do Longbowmen have to do with Homeschooling? I’ve heard it said that it takes four generations to create a longbowman. The explanation was that because it takes so much skill and physical ability to become a truly great longbowman, you spend years learning from your father, your grandfather, and your great grandfather before you…

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