Author: Christine Zell

Christine is a homeschool mom to three children and married to her high school sweet heart. As a military family, they move a lot. This has lead her family to embrace the nomadic lifestyle and move their family into their RV. Roadschooling is the name of the game, traveling to places near and far to learn from real life historic landmarks, be out in nature, and enjoy all that the world has out there to learn. She blogs about her homeschooling and roadschooling journey at
The Benefits of Planning for Lifeschoolers

When you’re lifeschooling, unschooling, or you have a relaxed homeschool, using a planner may be something you’ve never considered. After all, the beauty of these methods is that you can go with the flow and let creativity and passions lead the way, right? You may not want to get bogged down with a plan, keeping…

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Roadschooling Our Way Through Life
Roadschooling Our Way Through Life

We love to travel. We love it so much that we sold our house, got rid of over half of our things, and moved our family into an RV so we can travel the country. Our favorite way to learn is through roadschooling and those real-life opportunities for learning lessons on the road. Roadschooling Our…

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