Tricia Soderstrom

Speaker Headshot - Tricia Soderstrom

Tricia Soderstrom


The most difficult time of Tricia’s homeschooling journey was when she and her entire family were all very sick with Lyme disease & other tick-borne infections. She had to let go of her expectations, change how she educated her children and trust God with every aspect of their lives.

Tricia has been married to Scott for over 29 years and their four kids range in age from 24 to 12. She’s passionate about health and nutrition and loves helping women learn to hear God’s voice and walk with Jesus through uncertainty and difficulty. You can find Tricia on

“Practical Tips for Homeschooling with a Chronic Illness”

When Mom is faced with a chronic illness there may be a temptation to put the children in public school. Tricia shares practical tips for continuing to homeschool with chronic illness and encourages you to seek God and trust Him with every aspect of your parenting and homeschooling. She pulls from her experience of homeschooling through multiple miscarriages, chronic health conditions and a ten-year battle with Lyme disease. Her confidence to encourage other moms grew as she graduated each of her three daughters and clearly saw God’s faithfulness in their lives.

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