Author: Sarah Hualde

Sarah Hualde lives in a home that brings her happiness and hay fever. Her husband is an award-winning chef, much to the chagrin of her waistline. She is the homeschooling mama to two amazing kids with loud personalities. She’s published three books in the last eighteen months and by the grace of God still loves writing. Her family is wildly supportive. Her dog is extremely loyal and her turtle is deeply condescending. She adores Jesus and loves coffee with a side of pastry. Find her blog at and discover her homeschool mystery series at the normal bookish places.
One Size Fits All Homeschool?  
One Size Fits All Homeschool?  

One size fits all boxed curriculum never worked for my family. Oh, we still bought it. We sliced through the pretty packaging and struggled through the first quarter of a school year. I always found myself cutting and pasting pieces to where they worked for each individual. Soon, my once stellar study plan, looked like…

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