Author: Heidi Miller-Ford

Heidi Miller-Ford is a Christian wife and mom of three children. She is also a former school teacher turned homeschool mom. Previously she taught in both the private and public school system for 9 years. After her son was born, she realized she'd rather stay home and teach him and has been homeschooling for the last 14 years. He was homeschooled all the way through and just graduated in April of 2018. She still homeschools her two daughters, ages 9 and 12. She's a podcast junkie, and in her spare time, she loves to listen to a variety of different ones. Heidi also runs a blog called The Unexpected Homeschooler where she provides the information, resources, and practical solutions to help families overcome their fears and confidently homeschool their children. You can find her at
How to Foster Independence While Lifeschooling
How to Foster Independence While Lifeschooling

I lived on scarce amounts of sleep, homeschooled from an old worn-out glider, and nursed a child ninety times a day. Okay maybe not ninety, but it sure felt like it all that time! This was my life. I was the mom of a middle schooler, kindergartener, and newborn. As we stumbled through that year…

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