Karen Campbell

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Karen Campbell


KAREN CAMPBELL and her husband Clay have been married for 44 years. They live on the Illinois prairie where they homeschooled their six children through high school and now enjoy 15 homeschooled grandchildren! Karen holds a degree in Human Relations and Secondary Education from Judson University and is the author of The Joy of Relationship Homeschooling ~ when the one anothers come home. An award winning speaker and storyteller, she blogs and podcasts mom encouragement at www.thatmom.com. Her book is available at Rainbow Resource and Amazon.

Love one another, serve one another, bear one another’s burdens. These are just a few of the beautiful relationship commands given to us in the Bible. We don’t often think of the importance of one anothering within the context of parent/child relationships and in the midst of homeschool busyness, yet it is the foundation of living out a Christian testimony. This workshop will explore the various ways we can apply these truths in our homes with our children as we prepare them for a lifetime of ministry to others.

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