Danielle Papageorgiou

Danielle Papageorgiou

Admin, WINGSgroup.org


Danielle has been homeschooling, or “lifeschooling,” for 14 years and has run the WINGS Homeschool Group for the past eight. She has a passion for helping other homeschoolers learn how to homeschool in a way that does not compete with family life, but actually enhances it…homeschooling done in a spirit of freedom, not legalism.

Her desire is to see more families set free from the world’s expectations of what education is and to discover that God has made each family unique and has also placed in each of their children special gifts and desires that He wants to use. The verse that guides the Papageorgious in their pursuit of lifeschooling is Matthew 6:33, “But seek FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and ALL these things will be added to you.” (Emphasis mine).

Danielle has been married to her amazing husband, Jon, for 16 years and they have three talented and fun children on earth, Konur (14), Elleina (12), and Korban (4), as well as a baby girl, Myla Grace (born at 14 weeks) in heaven. Konur recently released a computer game online (KhanAcademy.com) and is very interested in history, math, and computer programming. Elleina is a gifted artist and writer who recently wrote a novel that should be released later this year. Korban is busy learning from days of extensive playing and imagining, but currently shows great interest in music and math.

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