No Return by Elleina Papageorgiou


“There was one simple candle on a high-backed shelf that spread an eerie light across the whole room. The candle flickered constantly. Toulin’s eye caught the shadow of a cloak, spinning in a swift arc and he and Branew realized that they weren’t alone.”


Toulin and Branew, two brothers living a peaceful life in the wet farmland hills of Ireland, are abruptly swept away into an altogether life-altering journey of suspense and danger. Guided by nothing but their own hope, they are tossed into unfathomably treacherous missions, showing the true bond of brothers.


No Return was written by my daughter, Elleina (Ah-LAY-Nah) Papageorgiou, and is a good example of what lifeschooling is all about! Started at age 8 and published when she was just 13 (as the editor, it was hard to keep up!), this was a project that we allowed her to spend much time pursuing in her elementary years. Writing No Return served as teacher of many academic lessons (grammar, history, geography, etc.), as well as many lessons in character (perseverance, faithfulness, diligence, etc.).


In addition to writing, Elleina enjoys creating art and acting, and played the role of 12-year-old Kate in the movie Like Arrows produced by Family Life and the Kendrick brothers, and released in May 2018. Elleina is currently working on her second novel, an adventure story about tragedy and endurance that takes place in Wales in the 1200s, but assures her readers that they have not seen the last of Toulin’s and Branew’s adventures! You can keep up with Elleina’s work on her website,


We hope you enjoy this exciting tale, and thank you for supporting this young author!


Some positive Amazon reviews:

I knew the author was young and I had average expectations when I got the book. Well, I started reading it today and could not stop until I finished it. The characters and the adventure were both very compelling. It’s just one of those books that you just enjoy the experience. I look forward to future books from this talented young author.

Still can’t believe this was written and published by such a young author. Engaging plot, interesting characters and I loved especially the dialect you can almost ‘hear’ the characters speak. Well done!

I was delighted to receive a copy of Ellenia Papageorgiou’s book, No Return. I have watched with interest as she has pressed on from the young age of eight until the appearance of the final, published version. What joy it must be to hold an actual book you, yourself, have written! How many young persons are given the time and encouragement to begin the journey of expressing their budding giftings and talents even when others may regard their efforts as too far out-of-the box or too immature? It helps that Ellenia is such a delightful young lady and that her parents believe so strongly in what God is doing in their daughter. As Ellenia continues to write—and as she is receptive to constructive input—each new effort can only improve her writings. I applaud this young lady and her parents. I will be watching your future progress and can say emphatically, “I believe in you, Ellenia!”


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