Grace Reminders


This “Grace Reminders” sheet is helpful for children and teens who struggle to give their parents the same grace they are wanting. When conflict arises, have your child spend some time in prayer going over this sheet and reading the accompanying Scriptures. And don’t forget to make sure you do it for yourself, too, as a reminder of your child’s need for grace! (Printable for parents coming soon.)


If you have teenagers in the house, I think you will appreciate this printable. Teens can often expect grace from us, but fail to extend the same much-desired grace towards us. They feel things in a deeper way and little issues seem much larger… and that can be frustrating to us, as parents, when we say something neutral like, “Do you want ice cream?” and they interpret it as, “You sure better not want ice cream because you’re looking really fat lately!”

Anyone relate?

After some recent struggles in our own home, I decided to create this “Grace Reminders” sheet. It was very useful in helping me see this child’s perspective. I also asked said child to create one for me! I wanted this child to think through the reasons I should extend grace and the Scripture to support that perspective.

Hope you find this helpful!


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