Fasting for Focus Planner and Journal


This Fasting for Focus Planner will help you think through your fasting goals and effectively plan your fast.

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In 2018, I did a fast at the beginning of the year in order to find my focus for the new year. Initially, I was fasting for other reasons; However, God changed my focus and directed me to pray over the new year and align my plans with His.

Now I’ve decided to make this a beginning-of-the-year habit! Doesn’t it just make sense to consult the Lord before laying out our plans for the year? What better time to fast than at the start of a fresh new year!

I hope this 38-page planner and journal will give you the guidance you need to be successful. Be sure to check out the preview images. I have not included every planning page, but this is just a little taste (no pun intended)! Whether it’s your first or fifty-first fast, or a fast to plan your year or seek God for a different reason altogether, it is my goal to encourage you and help make your fasting experiences as simple as possible!



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