Beautiful Budget Coloring Planner


This Beautiful Budget Coloring Planner will help bring some fun to a dull job! It’s also a great resource to teach your children how to budget. A perfect lifeschooling curriculum for learning a valuable real world skill!


Whether you want to make the task of budgeting more exciting for yourself or want to make the lessons for your kids more exciting, this Beautiful Budget Coloring Planner is a great resource for the job! It includes 28 pages (including printouts for the cover, spine, and divider pages) that will help you organize your finances in a fun way. Includes:

  • Monthly bill log
  • Annual bill log
  • Bank account register
  • Charity log
  • Savings log
  • Budget categories
  • Monthly budget
  • Budget envelopes
  • Master debt payoff
  • Financial freedom
  • Daily expense tracker
  • Bill pay calculator
  • Debt snowball log
  • Master balance sheet
  • Master account numbers
  • Occasional bill log
  • Occasional bill categories
  • Monthly recap
  • Notes


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