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You have the Vision Planner and 2017 Conference round out the kit!
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mini launch kit
The Lifeschooling Mini Launch Kit will help you...
The Lifeschooling Mini Launch Kit includes...
Who Is This Child? Journal
Start Lifeschooling eBook

Add these two resources to your Vision Planner and videos to complete your kit!

Total value: $20

Introductory Price $10

The video below is for the full Launch Kit. You will not receive the videos in this kit.

Did you know if you are modeling your homeschool after the traditional school model, your kids are only retaining up to 30% of what they learn?

That's why lifeschooling is so important! Learning through real life experiences, "when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise" (Deut. 11:19) is not only more enjoyable, but it is also more effective! Interactive methods help your children retain up to 90% of what they learn!

Start Lifeschooling Ebook

All our foundational blog content in one easy book.

Who is This Child Journal

A journal to help you become a student of your student and discover his gifts.

Who Is This Child? Journal

If your child is given plenty of time to explore, but simply doesn’t seem interested in anything, then it is time to do some deeper exploring. Children are students of their world and surroundings,
and as lifeschooling parents, we need to be students of our students!

That is why I created the Who Is This Child? Journal. I want you to become a student of your children! I want you to use this journal to study their interests, and I hope it will be a tool that will help you and your children in this process!

$10 Value
picture of the Who Is This Child journal standing upright. It has a green cover with blue and green leaves.
Start Lifeschooling Ebook. It has a navy square on the front and pictures of kids and families all around it.

Start Lifeschooling EBook

Overwhelmed, distracted, and lost when trying to read through all the blog posts on a computer screen? We’ve compiled all the best and most foundational content all in one concise eBook to make your reading easier! Just print it out and tuck it on your nightstand for some inspiration before staring your day.

$10 Value

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With the Who Is This Child? Journal and Start Lifeschooling eBook, you will now have a full kit of resources to help you lifeschool!

Total value: $20

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