Get ready to launch your lifeschooling!

Does this describe you?
  • I want to lifeschool, but don't know where to begin.
  • I've been lifeschooling, but feel we need more direction.
  • I want to find my children's gifts, but I don't know how.
  • I want to be a planner, but I'm just not.
  • Help! I'm an overplanner, but I want to lifeschool.
The Lifeschooling Launch Kit will help you...
  • Start by grounding yourself in the Lord.
  • Understand what education should look like.
  • Learn how to discover your children's gifts.
  • Cast a Vision for your Lifeschooling.
  • Learn how to let the plan develop naturally, while still using some Type A tools.
  • Find your daily rhythms and routines.
  • Lifeschool through high school with confidence.
The Lifeschooling Launch Kit includes...
Lifeschooling Vision Planner
  • 44 printable pages to use for each child, year after year!
  • Recognizing Who We Are
  • Preliminary Mental Work
  • Book Recommendations (with reviews)
  • What My Child Does Not Need to Focus on Right Now worksheet
  • Casting a Vision
  • My Profile
  • Child Profile
  • Family Profile
  • Vision Sessions (long-term and short-term)
  • Too Many Interests (what to do)
  • Resources Log/Weekly (math, science, history, reading, writing, etc.)
  • Routine and Journal Forms (Daily Journal and Weekly Journal)
  • A Few (Controversial) Thoughts on High School
  • Other Lifeschooling Resources
Who Is This Child? Journal
  • 38 printable pages to use for each child, year after year!
  • Introduction
  • How to Use This Journal
  • 31 Journal Pages (each with unique Scripture verses)
  • Each includes Today's Questions, Today's Sparks, Today's Character Strengths and Weaknesses, Reflections, and Prayer
2017 Lifeschooling Conference Videos
  • Lifeschooling: The Answer to Homeschool Burnout by Danielle Papageorgiou
  • Whatever the Cost by David and Jason Benham
  • How to Lifeschool: Merging Your Master Plan with The Master’s Plan by Danielle Papageorgiou
  • The Principles of Entrepreneurial Education by Rhea Perry
  • How to Loosen Up Without Losing Control by Dr. Mary Hood
  • Discipleship for Life and Eternity vs. Education by Kevin Swanson
  • Regaining the Spirit of the Pioneers by Dr. Mary Hood
  • Sponsor Introductions: Southern Evangelical Seminary, Generations, InteleTravel, and Carolina Kid News
  • How to Homeschool Your Teens for Business by Rhea Perry
  • Oh the Places You’ll Go: Melding Missions and a Lifestyle of Learning by Christopher and Heather Schwarzen
  • Unleashing the Power of Mentorship by Kevin Swanson
  • Workshop: The Biblical Responsibility of Parents to Educate Their Children by Dr. Richard Land
  • Workshop: Coloring Outside the Lines by Christina Brown
  • Workshop: When You are a Travel Agent, the World is Your Classroom by Teresa Ball
BONUS: Start Lifeschooling eBook
  • What is Lifeschooling?
  • Why Lifeschooling is Not Unschooling
  • Top Book Recommendations for Starting Lifeschooling
  • How to Foster Independence While Lifeschooling
  • Lifeschooling Off the Grid
  • The Beauty of NOT Getting It All Done
  • Lifeschooling High School: Is It Possible?

It's everything you need to start lifeschooling TODAY in one simple kit!

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Vision Planner Testimonials

Did you know if you are modeling your homeschool after the traditional school model, your kids are only retaining up to 30% of what they learn?

That's why lifeschooling is so important! Learning through real life experiences, "when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise" (Deut. 11:19) is not only more enjoyable, but it is also more effective! Interactive methods help your children retain up to 90% of what they learn!

Lifeschooling Vision Planner

50+ page intensive guide to planning and accomplishing your vision.

Who is This Child Journal

A journal to help you become a student of your student and discover his gifts.

2017 Conference Videos

11 sessions, plus 3 bonus workshops from popular speakers.

Start Lifeschooling Ebook

All our foundational blog content in one easy book.

Vision Planner

Lifeschooling Vision Planner

My goal with the printable Lifeschooling Vision Planner is to give parents (myself included) a concrete tool to help us seek the Lord’s direction for the lives of our children. But this vision planner is just as much for our children! We must never forget that ultimately, these are their lives we are helping to direct. We must involve them in the process and in so doing, we not only can pour into their lives, but it is an incredible opportunity for the relationship to grow as we share our hearts in reciprocal manner.

This planner is unique in that it is much more than a simple planner! This is a 40+ page intensive guide packed with wisdom and tools to help you transform your thinking and learn how to redirect your homeschooling on this path to more freedom! Use with each child, year after year!

$29 Value

Who Is This Child? Journal

If your child is given plenty of time to explore, but simply doesn’t seem interested in anything, then it is time to do some deeper exploring. Children are students of their world and surroundings,
and as lifeschooling parents, we need to be students of our students!

That is why I created the Who Is This Child? Journal. I want you to become a student of your children! I want you to use this journal to study their interests, and as you use it year after year with each child, I hope it will be a tool that will help you learn who your children were created to be!

$10 Value

2017 Lifeschooling Conference Content

Includes all 11 conference sessions from the 2017 Lifeschooling Conference on digital video, including popular speakers such as David and Jason Benham and Kevin Swanson, plus three bonus workshops by Dr. Richard Land, Dr. Mary Hood, and Rhea Perry!

$50 Value

** BONUS**

Start Lifeschooling EBook

Overwhelmed, distracted, and lost when trying to read through all the blog posts on a computer screen? We’ve compiled all the best and most foundational content all in one concise eBook to make your reading easier! Just print it out and tuck it on your nightstand for some inspiration before staring your day.

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Start Lifeschooling Ebook

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