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Thank you for your interest in helping us promote this unique event!

Years ago, God put a burden for burned-out homeschoolers on my heart. I saw what the homeschooling movement was becoming and it saddened me to see moms burning out and children being put back into the “system.”

God clearly orchestrated this conference and we are excited to help “set homeschoolers free” by learning to “merge life with homeschooling!” If you have the same heart, we are excited to work with you!

At this point, you probably already know what lifeschooling is and what we are attempting to accomplish at our conference. If not, read our mission statement here and read more about the lifeschooling philosophy here: “What is Lifeschooling?” and “Why Lifeschooling is not Unschooling.”


“So, what’s in it for me?”

Good question.

If you would like to help promote the conference, we are able to offer you 20% of the cost of every ticket sold! So, for example, if someone signs up for a family ticket and enters you as the referrer in the required field, you will be paid $11! Depending on your commitment, we may even renegotiate to increase that percentage as we get closer to the event date.

We will also be happy to share some of your relevant articles and blog posts to our Lifeschooling Conference Facebook page (just tag us) and possibly our blog here on the site as well. We truly believe in reciprocal relationships and will do everything we can (with our limited team) to help make this a worthwhile venture for both of us!

To participate, simply fill in your information below and you will be added to our contacts so that we can stay in touch. Once we receive your information, we will add the name from “Blog/name for referral field” into our registration form for people to select from. So make sure you choose something your followers and friends will recognize. Then, once we confirm you are entered in the list, just start sharing! There are no affiliate codes (see FAQs below for details as to why), so your contacts will simply enter your name or blog name in the required “referred by” blank. And if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us.

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Question: Is this a Christian conference?
Answer: You have probably noticed a lot of reference to God and spiritual things. Yes, this is a Christian conference and we can’t help but talk about God! We welcome people of any faith, but they may not be entirely comfortable with our constant Christian conversation and reference to the Bible.

Question: When will I get paid?
Answer: After the conference, our accountant will figure what each affiliate earned and send out payments. Since this is our first year, I cannot guarantee when payments will go out, but you can probably expect them before the end of July.

Question: How much will I get paid?
Answer: We will pay you 20% of the cost of every ticket purchased by those whom you refer. So, for example, if you were to sell a family ticket for $55, you would be paid $11 on just that one sale. If you already have a heart for what we are doing and want to support it, why not make a little extra money, too?

Question: What link should I use to refer people?
Answer: Since we do not have an affiliate system in place, there is no individualized link for you to share. You may share any page from the conference that you feel is compelling, but the registration links are found on the home page ( and on the Ticket Information page (, so you will probably want to include one of those links in whatever memes, etc. you share.

Question: Why are you using a referral field on the registration for tracking rather than an affiliate code?
Answer: We spent weeks trying to come up with a workable affiliate system, but in the end, we could not find a program that would integrate with Eventbrite, which we are using for ticket sales, and we just needed to go ahead and launch the program.

Question: Will the referral field be as dependable or effective?
Answer: There is no way to know for sure without comparing both, but we have made it a required field on the registration form, so every attendee will be forced to choose from the drop-down list of affiliates given. Since we will be providing the list of affiliates to choose from, there is less chance for error than if they filled the information in themselves. One important thing to note is that even affiliate codes have their issues and payments are not always made due to glitches.

Question: Where can I find things to share?
Answer: We post memes, articles, videos, and other fun things on our Facebook page twice daily. You can “like” our page and then share anything with post and tag us on it. You may also find most of the memes we’ve created on our Shareables page here. All of them can be shared directly to Pinterest with a Pin It button that appears when you hover over.

Question: Will you share my articles and posts, also?
Answer: We believe in reciprocal relationships, so we would love to post things that are mutually beneficial. Our biggest hindrance is the size of our team. But we will do our best to help you when we can!

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